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The 6-Dozen Hit-Away Mix ($3 Goes to Animal Charities w/ Each Purchase!)


This bag is made up of the balls that didn’t make even the B grade cut for other packs. We’ve bagged them up, 6 dozen at a time, and send them your way. Each order of these also donates $3 to a local animal charity. Right now we’re focused on shelters specifically as they need as much funding as possible in the Florida summers and every extra $3 goes a long way to a shelter cat or dog. With these balls, your angry shanks from trying that most recent YouTube tip can literally save a kitten.

Balls will have scuffs, discoloration, scrapes, cuts, player markings, PRACTICE stamps, range use, and/or x-outs. Great hit-away balls for when you need to work on something or if you’re making a backyard range.

In Stock

In Stock

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