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Meh-V1s (3 Dozen B-Grade Pro V1/ Pro V1x Mix)


This bag is made up of the balls that didn’t make the AAAA or better cut for other packs. We call them ‘Meh’ V1s. You may call them B-grade.

Balls may have minor scuffs, scrapes, tiny cuts, player markings, PRACTICE stamps, a few older models, and/or some discoloration. We throw out any really bad balls and only include “decent” balls here. They’re effectively AAA or better and these are the balls our staff often play, as there is no real difference for 15+ handicaps.

Plus, at ~$16/doz delivered, you can look like Scrooge McDuck out there, letting your ProV sail into the trees without a care in the world.

If you’re looking for AAAA or better balls, check all the other items in our store!

In Stock

In Stock

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